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How To Register

How To Register 

Before you begin the registration process please follow the instructions below to avoid delays in processing your registrations process.

STEP I: If you are new to the Officials Management System portal, please take time to watch the video below as it will walk you through the New Registration process.  You MUST watch the video below before you register. Click below




STEP II: Complete the online coursework

STEP III: Attend the classroom session

STEP IV: Buy a uniform, and work your first game.

Each class has a person that you can contact if you encounter any challenges or if you have questions that you need to be answered.  You can also contact the District Referee Administrator (DRA) in your area.

We generally schedule 40-50 training classes throughout the state of Indiana.  The new referee training/classes are scheduled between September and March and not during the playing season.

If you are a club/team/administrator and you are interested in hosting a clinic with your club or group, please contact your DRA. Follow this link to seea list of DRAs in your area

New referee faqs