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The Indiana State Referee Association, Inc. (ISRA) will promote the game of soccer by striving to maintain the highest standard of soccer officiating. To accomplish this, the ISRA will ensure that Indiana Referees consistently follow a standard set of mechanics, consistently interpret and administer the Laws of the Game as defined by the USSF and FIFA, and generally maintain the highest standard of integrity and “fair play.”

The ISRA will make every effort to help each and every registered referee reach his or her highest potential. The ISRA will maintain USSF certified training and assessment programs that will be readily available for all referees.

Indiana State Referee Association Programs
The Indiana Referee Instruction Program provides quality training for all aspects of refereeing. The program offers classes to all levels of referees, from entry-level to professional, along with training for assessors, instructors and assignors. It works with local and regional referee association to provide entry and in-service classes, addressing timely topics and issues. The director monitors and updates all levels of the curriculum to keep it current with the level of the game, locally, regionally and nationally. The program is based on the idea that a referee improves with training and that higher quality training creates higher quality referees.

The Indiana Referee Assessment Program has the goal of helping each referee who is assessed become the best referee that he/she can be and maximizing each referee’s potential. The program is structured to help all referees, from those aspiring to the National and/or FIFA badge down to those who are satisfied working U-14 recreational matches. Indiana has a dedicated group of assessors who strive to provide consistent, sensitive, and positive feedback on the observed referee’s game while pointing out possible areas for improvement.

The goal of the Indiana Youth referee Development Program is to identify, encourage, develop and mentor promising young referees. The state Youth Referee Administration, with the assistance of other Indiana referees, provides guidance to these young referees to direct them toward the ultimate goal of becoming national or FIFA Referees. The guidance includes advice and feedback on game performance, recommendations for tournament assignments and further training and development opportunities. Exceptional candidates may be recommended for the referee "fast track".