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Advanced Clinics

Thinking Of Upgrading To Regional Referee?

It’s every year for on the 1st Saturday on August.


The clinic is for Regional Referees and any Grassroots Referees who are upgrading to Regional Referee.


All Regional Referees must have completed the two Field Assessments on two games, one of the games must be on a U17 or higher game and the second game must be on an Adult 1st division or higher game


Requirements for Grassroots referees who are upgrading:

  1. Must have submitted the Upgrade Request form at least two months prior to the Advance Clinic’s date.

  2. Must have submitted the Game Counts Form (75 games as a referee on U17 or higher games and 25 games as an assistant referee on U17 or higher games and completed and passed two field assessments.

Here is the Upgrade Request form:


Here is the request for assessment form;