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Advanced Clinics

Regional Referees


Indiana Upgrade Process

(U.S. Soccer's Registration Cycle spans from July 1st through June 30th. The entire process must be completed within this window)


Step 1

Admin Phase

  • Complete the following form to initialize the process: 
  • Forward your game experience log to: Director of Referee Development and State Referee Administrator​
    • 25 games as a referee and 15 games as an assistant referee at the adult amateur level
    • must have held a Grassroots License for the three (3) previous years
  • (Once the Director of Referee Development confirms that you've met the minimum requirements, you can begin the Step 2)


Step 2

(The following phases can be completed in any order)

Evaluation Phase

  • Successfully pass three (3) evaluations as a "referee" (assistant referee evaluations do not count toward progress).
    • Two (2) games at the adult amateur level
    • One (1) game at the highest youth level (U18 or U19) with 45-minute halves
    • Each evaluation must be done by a different Referee Coach (three (3) Referee Coaches total)
  • Share qualifying game assignments with Director of Referee Development and Referee Coach Coordinator with at least one week's notice so they can appoint a Regional Assessor, Referee Coach, or National Referee Coach to evaluate your performance.
  • If you choose to earn an evaluation outside of Indiana, approval in advance from the Director of Referee Development or Referee Coach Coordinator is needed for Regional Assessors or Referee Coaches but not for National Referee Coaches. Failure to obtain advanced approval could result in the evaluation not being accepted.
  • Three (3) insufficient performance evaluations will result in having to restart the Upgrade Process in the next registration cycle.

Physical Fitness Phase

  • Successfully complete the FIFA Women's Referee Test (Category 1 for men and Category 3 for women)
  • Must be hosted by the Indiana Soccer Referee Association or is attended, facilitated, and approved by a National Referee Coach in any state.

Course Phase

  • Register for the course in the U.S. Soccer Learning Center and complete all associated online content (includes SafeSport and Intro to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments).
  • Successfully complete a Regional Referee Course and In-Person Field Session (2-3 day course) taught by a National Referee Coach.


(2023 Referee Pathway Presentation link)