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Referee FAQs

FAQs For New Referees


How do I get games?

All local Indiana games are assigned through GotSport. The instructor from your on-field experience will go over more details about how to use GotSport. If you still need help, contact your District Referee Administrator (DRA).

Who should be your first point of contact if you have questions or concerns?

How much does it cost to register for the referee course?

Registration for the first time referee course costs $95. This does NOT include the cost of the referee uniform.


How do I get my badge?

All USSF badges will be mailed out by Official Sports International. You should receive your badge within a couple weeks after the completion of your on-field experience. If still haven't received your badge after a couple weeks, contact your District Referee Administrator (DRA).

How often do I need to recertify?

You will need to recertify every year.

Referee recertification is completely online and can be completed on the U.S. Soccer Learning Center.

Can I get a refund for my course registration fee?

If you have not completed any work, a full refund can be issued. Otherwise, you will need to contact your District Referee Administrator (DRA) to determine if you are eligible for a partial refund.

What is the minimum age to become a referee?

You must be 13 years old at the time of registration.

How long is the on-field experience?

approximately 4 hours

What is SafeSport and do I need to complete it?

SafeSport is an independent nonprofit committed to building a sport community where participants can work and learn together free of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse and misconduct. 

Only referees 18 years and older need to complete the SafeSport certification. Note this will need to be completed every year.

Do I need to complete a background check?

Only referees 18 years and older need to complete a NCSI background check on the U.S. Soccer Learning Center. This needs to be completed every 2 years.

What uniform and equipment do I need?

  • Jersey Official Sports International (OSI) is the exclusive uniform supplier of U.S. Soccer. We have partnered with OSI to offer discounted starter kits for new referees. Contact your District Referee Association (DRA) for more information. You should start by buying a yellow jersey first and then green.  As you gain more experience, you will want to consider buying the remaining colors red, blue, and black in that order. Start by buying short sleeve jerseys because you can wear a plain black long sleeve shirt underneath. Eventually, you may want to consider buying long sleeve jerseys as well.
  • Black shorts
  • Black socks
  • Tennis shoes or cleats - predominantly black is preferred
  • Flags
  • Whistle
  • Watch - wristwatch that counts up
  • Yellow and red cards
Referee starter Kit