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Referee FAQs

FAQs For New Referees


What Is The Age Group

Anyone over the age of 12 years old may sign up to take the course to become a referee.

What Are The Uniform Requirements?

Now that you've passed the test and have registered with USSF it's time to go out and buy your first uniform. The basic uniform for referees is a yellow shirt, black referee shorts, black socks and shoes. Though there are several places to buy uniforms, USSF is officially sponsored by Official Sports Inc., (view website) or print this flyer for a discount package on an Indiana Starter Kit. Your starter kit should include just about everything you need to work your matches. For completeness here is a short list: Uniform (Referee jersey and black shorts), watch with a timer, whistle, a pad of paper to keep score, a flipping coin, red and yellow cards and a set of flags.


How Do I Get Games

Now that you've passed the test, bought your uniform and all the equipment, you'll need to talk to a licensed USSF assignor who will schedule your games. Not sure who your local assignor is - not to worry. Your training class instructor will give you the name and telephone number of the referee assignors in your area. Once you become a referee, you can always ask current licensed referees for help in contacting licensed referee assignors in your area.

What Does My First Year Of Officiating Look Like

Now that you have been on the field as a referee, gained valuable experience, learned how to blow the whistle properly, understand the importance of good positioning, communication, and applying the laws, now what? Every year you will be required to follow a recertification process to keep your referee registrati

How Do I Advance My Officiating Career

So you've been doing recreational games and are ready for more challenging games. How do you get these games? Again you'll have to work with your local assignor who will get a hold of your local assessor. The assessor will come to the field and evaluate your game and give you pointers on how to improve your game. The assessor is there to help you and take their feedback as constructive criticism. View the assessment information on this website for full details on what you need to do.

Referee starter Kit