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Indiana State Referee Association Announces The Launch Of The Inaugural Referees & Coaches Esports Cup

The Indiana State Referee Association is excited to announce the launch of the Inaugural Indiana Soccer Coaches & Referees eCup League. As Indiana Soccer begins to develop an esports program for its members, we recognize that many of the adult members, too, may have an interest in participating. The league presents a unique opportunity for coaches, referees, and adults to interact, compete, and bond with one another independent of the pressure & challenges presented by our grass game. It also allows participants to visualize, learn and understand the game through the lens of a digital experience. For some, they may want to learn the gaming world so they may better engage with their players, while others may already be gamers wanting to compete. 

The first level of esports competition for coaches and referees is being offered at the state level. The goal is to expand to regional and national competitions between coaches and referees in multiple states. This league is designed to offer flexibility in order to accommodate your current busy schedules.  

The Spring Referee and Coach League is open to all skill levels. A promotion /relegation system is being implemented that will begin to match similarly skilled players.  

The league will be played on Tuesday evenings at 8:15 pm - 9:00 pm. The league will last from May 28th till June 25th. Playoffs and finals will be announced at a later date. May 26th will function as a preseason game for the coaches and referees to get comfortable using the platform.

To register for the league, click the Register button below.


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