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Our Esports Partners

About Our partners 

Global Digital Sports, LLC  makes available a video gaming platform that is designed to mirror the current processes and functions of the state youth sport association with an emphasis on risk management. The platform is designed by GDS and developed and supported by GYO Score and provides a complete digital gaming environment that includes registration integrity and numerous other safeguards that can and will support many video games. Based out of Indiana, the goal of GDS and GYO is to ensure that children of appropriate age and all backgrounds have access to safe digital space where they can play with their peers in a fun and safe way.

How Esports Fits into Our Soccer World
Esports and gaming is not a replacement for soccer, however we do believe there are numerous benefits from organized, competitive esports play. For soccer simulation titles like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, we believe it is complementary to our program as it provides kids with a unique opportunity to learn and understand the game of soccer from a bird's eye view. For other titles, we know that organized esports play can encourage and develop principals we hold dearly, including competitiveness, sportsmanship, teamwork, communication, and responsibility.

Every parent, referee, coach, or guardian must acknowledge that 90% of our children are digitally engaged and play video games on a regular basis. When channeled appropriately, we believe this can actually be a good thing. This is an opportunity to give children, coaches, and parents a platform to further bond and engage with one another in a fun and safe environment when they are unable to meet on our grass fields. Additionally, esports is opening up additional pathways for scholarships, social engagement, and sportsmanship.

With the spirit of improving children's lives we are delivering an esports league that will provide an additional layer of support to the grass soccer leagues to further enhance grassroots youth soccer development. Our goal is to provide a fuller, more rich experience to our players.

The GDS Platform Uniqueness
Our offering is unique in that it places the players’ health and safety as a top priority at all times. 

  • Risk Management through a player verification system and COPPA compliance
  • A “Safe Space” for parents to allow their children to engage digitally
  • Parental accounts to allow parents to participate in the process
  • Coaching oversight & education
  • Promotion/Relegation to develop parity in play
  • A profit center for states and clubs
  • Collegiate scholarship opportunities for esports scholarships
  • Intra/Inter Club and State Play
  • Multiple Title Support
  • Future international expansion

How It Works
Each club will invite their players to participate in the state association eCup league. Clubs have the responsibility for the player verification process to confirm that players are members of the soccer association. Gameplay will revolve around 5 weeks of Regular Season play culminating in a week 6 Championship Tournament (eCup). Players play 2 matches per week, (approximately 1 hour total of play) for a total of 10 games against opposing players. Promotion/relegation mini-cycles helps in pairing players based on skill levels. All players will play under the banner of their respective home club, representing your team officially. Winning players and winning clubs will be celebrated on the association website.




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