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US Annual Recertification/Licensing


The State Referee Association want to remind all referees that each year, referees must recertify to continue being licensed to referee.  Last year the recertification process was conducted on line only as an experiment; however, we have heard that part training on line and part in the classroom and field was the preferred learning method.
1.The cost of recertification between July 1 – December 31st, 2017 is $65.  We would love to have everyone complete their recertification at the $65 so that there is no additional cost to the referee.
2.Referees who wait until January 1, 2018 to recertify will have to pay a $130 recertification fee. 
3.Referees who wait until February 1, 2018 to recertify will have to pay a $260 recertification fee.
The increase in fee due to tardiness has been in effect for approximately 15 years.  No changes have taken place, the fee is doubled with every missed deadline.
Please click on this link below to see all the available recertification classes in your area.  Recertification started in August, so if you have not recertified already, there may be limited classes that you can attend in your area and must choose another class.  There are currently 26 additional recertification classes you can find here:
To the clubs and players – Want to become a referee?
There is no better way to watch and be involved in soccer like being on the field.  If your children, players or you want to be part of the game, we encourage you to become a referee.  You will learn more about the rules, get fit/exercise, be a positive force in improving the environment for you and your children AND make good money. 

New training classes for anyone 12 and older who want to referee in 2018 can be found at this link.  There are 6 classes for new referees you can find here:
NEW REFEREE CERTIFICATION CLASSES. There will be more new referee certification clinics added as we get closer to the new year.
If you have any question, please use our web site to receive expedited answers in your area.  Below is a link that shows you who can provide you immediate assistance in your area. 

The District Referee Administrator (DRA) will be able to help you. However, you may also reach the director of the Indiana State Referee Association, Samir Yasa, at Please only reach out to Samir Yasa after having contacted your local DRA.

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