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Game Rules

Indiana Soccer Modified Rules 

ISL League Charter

Age Group Play - descriptions of playing opportunities by age group including Cup placements (updated 6/23/2021)

Club Passing Document - philosophy and rules regarding Club Passing (reviewed 6/9/2020)

Code of Conduct (reviewed 6/9/2020)

Heading Restriction Policy - Explains and defines who can head and who can not head as it relates to the 10 U, 11U & 12U player (updated 6/9/2020)

Important Game Day Information Sheet - quick list of game day procedures (updated to 3/26/2021)

ISL Scores, Standings and Tie Breaker Procedures (reviewed 6/9/2020)

Modified Playing Rules - for 8U through 19U + 15 & Over (7v7), league exceptions to FIFA laws of the game (updated 9/20/2021)

Player Exception Application - request for players play up in play format. Note that the new procedure is for club administrators only to submit the completed form through GOTSPORT.  (updated 7/23/2021)

Policies and Procedures for Retention in and Promotion to the Great Lakes/Midwest Conferences (replaced 1/22/2021)

Prohibitive Contact and Coaching Relocation - Explains and defines prohibitive contact and restrictions regarding coaches changing clubs (reviewed 6/9/2020)

8 & under through 10 & under League Description - for the 7U to 10U player (reviewed 6/9/2020) 

Cold Weather Guidelines (reviewed 6/9/2020)

Hot Weather Guidelines (reviewed 6/9/2020)


Indiana Referee Districts