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Returning Referees

Referee  License Recertification

2021 Annual Recertification – Required to Referee in 2021

Due to the Pandemic and our desire to make all referees safe, we have elected to have the Recertification process for 2021 be an online process only.

This means that you can complete the recertification process by logging to the link below and select the “Grassroots Recertification Course” then select the “2021 Online Recert Clinic”.

There are currently 13 referees who registered for the November 14, 2020. These names will be transferred to the “2021 Online Recert Clinic”.

Please note, this clinic is not yet posted, so please give us till 9/6/20 and it will be posted.

There is some good news as well:

1) The registration fee this year will be $45 instead of $65.
2) You will have until12/31/20 to complete your recertification.

Please don’t pay the higher cost for recertification. Here is the back down so you are aware of how the fees will be if you do not complete the recertification by 12/31/20:

3) $45 recertification fee between 9/5/20 to 12/31/20 if you complete the required online only recertification requirements
4) $90 recertification fee between 1/1/21 to 1/31/21 if you complete the required online only recertification requirements
5) $180 recertification fee between 2/1/21 to 2/28/21 if you complete the required online only recertification requirements
6) $360 recertification fee between 3/1/21 to 3/31/21 if you complete the required online only recertification requirements

To get approved quickly, please make sure:

7) You have registered and completed all the Rect requirements
8) You have your DRA as your Primary Assignor
9) You have completed the CDC in GotSoccer using the same name and email address in GotSoccer
10) You have completed the SafeSports in GotSoccer using the same name and email address in GotSoccer. This is only for those who are about to turn 18 in 2021 and all 18 and older referees

Here is a link to help you with GotSoccer. It’s a new video of step-by-step to set up GotSoccer correctly and get all your training completed.

There are usually questions, so please contact your DRA to help you answer your questions. There are thousands of referees in this notice. I will not be able to answer everyone’s’ questions, so please contact your DRA. Below is a link with the list of DRAs by location.

A reminder:
If you have a 2021 badge, the instruction in this news does not apply to you. You are already registered for 2021

How to get your badge after you complete the required recertification online:
1) You MUST print a copy of the receipt that you get when you pay online showing that you paid the fee.

Due to the COVID-19, we have eliminated the option to meet in person to pick up your badges.

Here is a link with all the DRAs’ names and email addresses. The DRA will email each district with their mailing address.

I will send the same note once a week till 12/31/20 to make sure if you missed one of the notices, you would see the next reminder.

If you have any questions, please contact your DRA. It is more efficient that the DRA responds to your question.

As one of our DRAs includes in his correspondence:

  • Hunker down
  • Stay home if you don’t have to be out
  • Wash hands
  • Stay safe
  • Do not infect others
  • Wear a mask when in public places
  • Pray for those with COVID-19
  • Pray for the frontline health care workers


The re-certification process for 2020 will be an in class face to face session. The online part will still be the same as prior years; however, you will have 2 hours in class and 1 hour hands on and field work.  The re-certification process started 7/1/19 and will end 12/14/19. If you plan on continuing as a referee you MUST register for and attend a clinic before 12/14/2019. 

Please note that 2020 re-certification clinics are being scheduled now. Click here to register for the 2020 Re-certification Clinic.
All referee training classes require an extensive online commitment prior to the classroom sessions. 
Once you complete registration you can begin the online modules right away.

On time Re-certification between July 1 to December 14 - Fee $65 per referee

  • 1st Late Re-certification January 1-  Fee $130 per referee
  • 2nd and final Late Re-certification February 1 - Fee $260 per referee

If you have any questions about the fees, please contact your DRA