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Referee Upgrades

USSF Grades Explained

All referees affiliated with FIFA have a designated referee grade. The grade indicates the qualification of the referee to officiate at various levels of local, national and international soccer competition. There is a common misconception that these grades are related to elementary or secondary school grades - they're not, they are assigned by USSF.

FIFA International: Referees who officiate in the World Cup and international matches are designated as Grade 1.
FIFA International Assistant Referee: Assistant Referees to Grade 1 Referees are designated as Grade 2.
National Referee/National Assistant Referee: In the United States, competition at the national level (including professional soccer and MLS) requires National Referee and National Assistant Referee (used to be Grade 3 or 4).
Regional Referee: The highest level of competition within a state (amateur leagues beyond youth) requires a Regional Referee grade ( used to be Grade 5 and Grade 6).
Grassroots Referee: This is the Grade used to be Grade 7 and Grade 8.

As referees advance to higher grades they are required to demonstrate their continued qualification for their grade through "maintenance" assessments and sustained high level competition experience. Each Regional referee is required to successfully pass a physical fitness field examination which includes distance, agility and speed tests. The results of this testing are recorded to fulfill part of the annual registration / recertification qualifications. In rare circumstances referees who fail to maintain their qualifications are "down graded" and this is reflected on their next registration.

REGISTEr for the advance clinic

Thinking Of Upgrading ?

To request an upgrade, please use the "Upgrade Request Form" and complete the "Referee Game Log" forms.

Upgrading From Grassroots

The referee must pass two (2) on field assessments. One of the two assessments MUST be a Youth game U17 or higher US Soccer sanctioned/affiliated game. The Second game MUST be an adult US Soccer sanctioned/affiliated game. The referee is responsible to pay the assessor $100 for assessment. 

Advanced Clinic

The advanced clinic and fitness test will always be on the 1st Saturday of August unless otherwise published on Team App.  The Clinic will be at Marian University unless otherwise published on Team App.

The fitness test will begin at 8:30am. At the completion of the fitness test we will move inside to begin the clinic.
​Everyone must arrive between 7:30am-8:15am to register. DO NOT BE LATE!

It is a requirement to complete the online training PRIOR to attending the Advance Clinic.  In order to upgrade to Regional Referee or to maintain your current Regional Referee grade you MUST attend the classroom session after passing the USSF exam online


All advanced Emeritus Referees MUST attend the Advance Clinic or they must become Grassroots Referee and attend a Grassroots Recertification Clinic.

Fitness Test
Indiana referees who are Grassroots Upgrading to Regional Referee and all Regional Referees are required to pass the FIFA fitness test.  Which FIFA test will be determined Approximatly 30 days before the Advance Clinic.

Medical Waiver
Everyone must sign a medical waiver before participating in the fitness test. Click here to download a copy and bring it with you to the advanced clinic. (the second attachment is the updated form)

We know there may be an emergency that may require you to request not to attend the Advance Clinic. Please note, the SRA's definition of emergency for not attended is a medical condition for a family member.

If you have attended an out of state fitness test or clinic, you will not be allowed to do this for a consecutive recertification because it gives the wrong impression that you are attempting to circumvent the requirement.

Medical Waiver form