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Referee Training Classes

Training Class Information

Becoming a referee takes just a few steps - Register for a training class, complete the online coursework, attend the classroom session, buy a uniform, and work your first game.

Becoming a United Sates Soccer Federation (USSF) Grade 8 Referee - Please note, this is not a school grade, but a classification grade: A new referee must complete the required online coursework, pass the online Grade 8 Entry Level test by scoring a minimum of 80%, as well as attend a 3-5 hour Entry Level Training Classroom session. The candidate is then registered as a Grade 8 Referee and given their USSF badge. The clinics are scheduled by leagues, clubs, and other groups.

To find out when and where the next referee courses are being held, click on the "Training Classes" button at the top of this page. 

Generally, about 35-40 clinics are held between November and March throughout the state of Indiana. If you are interested in hosting a clinic with your club or group, please contact your local DRA District Referee Administrators

Training classes consist of two segments: There is an online portion followed by a classroom session. The classroom session will last between 3 - 5 hours depending on class size. The entire online portion MUST be completed to be allowed to attend the classroom session.

New Referee Training Schedule
Date of  Clinic 1 Date of Clinic 2 Date of  Clinic 3 Date of  Clinic 4 Date of Clinic 5 Date of Clinic 6
District 2
South Bend
District 3
Ft. Wayne SC
Ft. Wayne SC

Taking a class does not guarantee that you will get game assignments.

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