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Referee Recognition

Referee Recognition

The Director of Officials/State Referee Administrator is excited to announce that the following referees have been selected to represent Indiana at the 2019 President's Cup Regionals in KS and State Cup Regionals in Michigan:

"Congratulations on your selection to represent Indiana at the President's Cup Regionals. Your performance was recognized many in Indiana; it is now time to exhibit the same talents and skills to other states.

Although this will be a fun event, it is also an educational event where you will prove your refereeing skills and potentially get selected to the President's Cup Nationals. Don't hold back, give it all you have each game and everyday on the field & in the classroom.

I will be there with you cheering you on and helping you achieve your personal goals/objectives. Safe travels" - Samir Yasa, Director of Officials/State Referee Administrator

Below are lists of respective officials:

Referees & Referee Mentors That Represented Indiana At The Presidents Cup Regionals - Kansas
Aaron Rawlins Eric Hench Erin Peterson Fernando Pina  
Daniel Tinkey Gustavo Hernandez Jacob Addington MaCkenzie Kohler  
Donald Williams Michael Samour Saleem Abufares Tarek Matar  
Emma Banicki Taylor Heenstra Wider Jordan Gustavo Hernandez Jr.  
Referee Coaches/Mentors  
David Friend Kelly Dossey Ramazan Altun Samir Yasa  
Referees  & Referee Mentors Representing Indiana - State Cup Regionals In Michigan
Nabil Bensalah Youssef Elmessoussi Michael Samour Eric Burton
Assron Rawlins Gustavo Hernandez Jr. Donald Williams Erin Patterson
Jarin Harrell Salvador Flores Jacob Addington Sharmarke Jama
Wilder Jordan Malik Oudghiri Eric Sieferman Eric Hench
Tarek Matar      
Referee Coaches/Mentors
David Friend Ramazan Altun Adbessamad Samir Yasa