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ISC 2020 Soccer Officials Clinic In Parnership With Indy Eleven & Indiana Soccer

Indiana Sports Corp Inspiring Sports is hosting a free soccer officials clinic for kids age 12 to 18 (that have never been certified)


 International Football Association Board Law Changes 2019 - 2020

This article summarizes the International Football Association Board Law changes for 2019-20 with detailed explanation for the respective changes. Learn more


US Annual Referee Recertification/Licensing

The State Referee Association want to remind all referees that each year, referees must recertify to continue being licensed to referee.  Last year the recertification process was conducted on line only as an experiment; however, we have heard that part training on line and part in the classroom and field was the preferred learning method. Learn more


Updated Cautionable & Sending-Off Offenses Document Now Available

The updated 2017-2018 Cautionable & sending Off Offenses is now available for review and downloading. Learn more


Technical and Tactical Study Takes Centre Stage In Referees' Preparation - “Their team spends as much time as possible in the final third of the pitch. They take their time with the ball on their feet…Pay attention here: how they play with two very quick wingers ready to start a counter-attack, even when they don’t have the ball.” When you listen to the lecture, it is easy to guess that this is a football coach giving instructions about the opponent to a team. Learn more


August 2017 USSF Membership Update

“For those who are unaware, the state of Ohio has passed a new law aimed at increasing awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) among youth athletes. If your organization plays in Ohio, and for any organization interested in learning more about Sudden Cardiac Arrest, we encourage you to visit the state’s informational web-site at:”. Learn more


US  Soccer Federation Referee Program Update: July 31, 2017 

This update is delivered monthly to provide the referee community with information about the U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program. In particular, U.S. Soccer's commitment to providing quality education resources for officials of all levels will be featured in these updates so be sure to take full advantage of the information and content being posted in the  Resource Center at Learn more


2017 Indiana Referees Stellar Performance

Indiana Soccer and the Indiana State Referee Association are pleased to announce the referees/mentors that participated in the US Youth Soccer Region II Presidents Cup, Championships Series, and Region II Adult Finals. Like many clubs, coaches, and players prepare, the State Referee Association and referees work hard throughout the year to train,. Learn more