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Indiana Soccer Esports Announces The All Stars Series & State eCup Tourney

Indiana Soccer is excited to announce the Indiana Soccer All-Stars Series & State FIFA 20 e-league starting on June 11th - July 9th, 2020. This league is a free online activity for all Indiana Soccer members and is a follow up to the State FIFA eCup that saw more than 400 players participate in April 2020. The first Indiana State FIFA 20 e-Cup tournament received a lot of positive feedback from parents. Players from across the state that participated in the tournament submitted requests for a follow-up league & tourney. Just like the first one, the league is available to all players registered with an Indiana Soccer member club. Registered players will represent their respective clubs. All new players, upon registration, will select & represent a member club. The club administrators and coaches will be able to verify using their e-club portal who registered and how many players are representing their club. The more players represented….the more points a club can earn. 

In order to have parity of play, the league will be based on a promotion/relegation system. Based on a recent questionnaire, Indiana Soccer will be offering a girls-only series and tourney. (Note - girls are welcome to play in the boy’s divisions if they so choose).

The Indiana All-Stars Soccer e-Series will open registration today, Monday, June 1st, 2020.  Players will be able to compete in Pre-Season matches on Thursday, June 9th at 7:30 and 8:15 pm in order to have fun as they familiarize themselves with the platform prior to the launch of the competition. Players will participate in two games per week, and after 5 weeks of competition, the top players will be promoted into a final championship bracket in order to determine the Indiana, All-Stars Champions. All players will be divided by age, gender, and console type.  If you play on an Xbox One, you will be matched against a player also using an Xbox One.  If you play on a Playstation 4, you will be matched against an opponent also using a Playstation 4. If you play on Nintendo Switch, you will be matched against an opponent also using Nintendo Switch.

Event: Indiana Soccer All-Star eCup Series & State Tourney
Date: June 11th - July 9th, 2020
Registration Link: Indiana Soccer All-Star eCup Series & State Tourney 
Registration Closing Date: June 18th, 2020 at 7:00 pm Eastern
NOTE: Registration for the league closes at 7 pm Eastern Time on Monday, June 18th, 2020.
If you are having trouble please email Shawn at: or Gus at

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