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Four Indiana Referees Make History At The Presidents' Cup Nationals Finals Assignments

Sunday July 10th, 2022, Orlando, Florida: Indiana State Referees Association is proud to announce another outstanding performance by Indiana Referees at the Presidents Cup Nationals in Orlando, Florida. 


Four Indiana Referees were assigned to semi and final games. This is an incredible performance by Indiana Referees thanks to the training, mentoring and support provided by the Indiana State Referee Association and its staff. 


To recap, 10 referees were selected at the Midwest Regionals held at St. Louis, MO, to officiate at the Presidents Cup Nationals in Orlando Florida. The Midwest Regionals are made up of 13 states associations where referees are selected from and of the 4 referees from Region II selected to referee 3 were from Indiana and the 4th was selected to be an Assistant Referee.  What is remarkable to note is that 40 % of the referees selected from Region 2 were from Indiana. 


What is important to take note of is the fact that the selection process is done by a committee independent from the Indiana State Referee Association.  The Regional Referee Council selects the referees.


The selection of Indiana Referees let alone their huge performance, comes at a time when the referee community across the country is plagued by acute shortages as well as low morale all related to several factors including, but not limited to, inappropriate sideline etiquette from parents, coaches & challenges by players. It is exciting to note that 100% of the Indiana Referees got final assignments. In other words, all referees got Semi Finals and Finals assignments. 


The four referees got The Center from the Midwest and 3 of the 4 are Indiana Referees. Below is a list of the referees: We wish them great success in their officiating journey.


Shay Yinka-Kehinde, U19 Boys Referee

Brian Alverez, U16 Boys Referee

Fernando Peni U16 Girls Referee

Adam Saleh, U19 Girls Assistant Referee


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