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Congratulations To ISRA Referees Representing Indiana Soccer For Being Selected To Officiate At The Regionals Semi-Finals

Indiana State Referees Association is excited to announce that 11 of the 14 referees representing the ISRC & Indiana Soccer were selected to officiate at the Semi-Finals at the President’s Cup Regionals. At a time when referee morale is on the downside, this is great news considering the fact that the maximum number of referees the ISRA has ever been assigned at the Regionals was six. Better yet all top finals games,  U14, U15, U16, U17, U18, and U19 have Indiana referees: 

"On behalf of the ISRA we are extremely excited for what Indiana Referees have managed to accomplish and I want to encourage them to continue displaying the same level of professionalism and commitment towards the game of soccer".  Samir Yasa - State Referee Administrator - ISRA 

Judging from this historic accomplishment, it is worth noting that the ISRA referee program is one of the best in the Midwest and one can safely conclude that the regional staff is aware of this. 

David Friend, State Referee Secretary & mentor noted that the phenomenal performance by the Indiana Referees was because of the dedication, support, and willingness to put the time and efforts to improve the referee program in Indiana. He also pointed out that the current referee shortage which by the way is nationwide should not cast a shadow of doubt on how the referee program in Indiana has progressed as witnessed by how referees excelled on the regional stage in comparison to other states. 

“To all our successful referees this year. I continue to enjoy working with each of you! You are making My day and year. Thank you! What a terrific result for Indiana and these awesome referees! And proof that your commitment to improving these referees is on point.” David Friend, State Referee Secretary & Mentor 

It goes without saying that officiating soccer games at a high level can present all kinds of nuances & challenges. No doubt that getting this kind of recognition speaks to the amount of time & resources invested towards preparation & mentoring, thanks to Samir Yasa State Referee Administrator, and all the mentors involved in the process. 

The support that these referees have received from the entire ISRA staff is tremendous. Present at the games were the following individuals that took time to watch the games, mentor young officials and offer support at the highest level possible. 

“Well done by you Samir and all the referees and all those who helped prepare them for these games and their future as referees.” Bruce Carlstedt - District Referee Administrator for Districts 7 & 12 

“Great job everyone. Congratulations on a great result and your commitment to the Indiana referees and the sport “. Ismail Attallah, (District Referee Administrator for District1 / Primary Assignor) 

“Thank you to the referees who committed their time, resources, and expertise to assist in this year's 2022 Midwest Regional Presidents Cup, and a special thank you to Samir Yasa, Ismail Attallah, and Ramazan Altum for serving as coach/mentors.” - Angel Hall – ISA Director of Associates 

Below is a list of the referees: 

 Tayler Heemstra - U15B, Wilder Jordan - U17G, Fernando Peña - U16B, Dana Hackney - U15BC, Kaleb Chandler - U17G, Brian Alverez - U19BC, Saleem Abufares - U13G, Nemanja Stefanovic - U18G, Eric Hench - U14B, Adam Salah - U17B, Shay Yinka - U15B 

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