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Indiana Soccer and the Indiana State Referee Association are pleased to announce the referees/mentors that participated in the US Youth Soccer Region II Presidents Cup, Championships Series, and Region II Adult Finals
Like many clubs, coaches, and players prepare, the State Referee Association and referees work hard throughout the year to train, learn and prepare to get to the regional and national events for the opportunity to showcase their skills to be selected to work the top and best games.
In 2017, there were 17 referees and three referee coaches/mentors that represented Indiana Soccer and the Indiana State Referee Association at the Midwest Youth Regionals for Presidents Cup in Overland Park, Kansas, Championships in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Chicago, Illinois.
Below are the names of the referees and referee coaches/mentors that participated in these events:

  • Referees - Aaron Rawlins, Bryan Sulcer, Dayton Jennings, Eric Burton, Erin Patterson, Gustavo Hernandez, Haley Heinzelman, Jarin Harrell, Nabil Bensalah, Oscar Sixtos, Ramazan Altun, Rene Mejia, Riley Owens, Ryan Rompola, Tyler Yasa. and Youssef Elmessoussi.


  • Referee Coaches/Mentors – David Friend, Thomas Parks. and Samir Yasa


  • Region II Adult Finals - Jeff Swartzel and Tyler Yasa

It was significant to have 7 referees from Indiana to be selected to the Semi Finals and six selected to the Finals.  This has not happened before in the history of the association.  More impressive, 12 out of the 17 referees representing Indiana in 2017 participated for the first time at a regional event… all performing exemplary.

  • The referees selected to the US Youth Soccer Region II Championships Semi-Finals were: Nabil Bensalah, Ryan Rompola, Aaron Rawlins, Tyler Yasa and Youssef Elmessoussi,


  • The referees selected to the US Youth Soccer Region II Championships Finals were: Ramazan Altun, Tyler Yasa, Youssef Elmessoussi, Nabil Bensalah, Aaron Rawlins and David Friend as a referee coach/mentor.


  • The referees selected to referee the Region II Adult Regional Finals were: Jeff Swartzel and Tyler Yasa

Aside from these accomplishments, the Indiana State Referee Association is also proud to announce that three referees have been selected to represent the state at the US Youth Soccer National Championships and the Development Academy.  Ramazan Altun and Youssef Elmessoussi will represent Indiana at the Youth Nationals and Jeff Swartzel will represent Indiana at the Development Academy.
“It’s because Youssef’s Ramazan and Jeff’s skills, commitment to the game and their excellent performance that they were chosen to the top assignments at the Regionals - both selected to do finals,” Director of the Indiana State referee Association Samir Yasa, stated.  “Like most players, teams and clubs, Youssef and Ramazan hoped that their commitment to the game would earn them a spot to the Nationals and they earned that honor.” Yasa concluded.

Please join us celebrate and congratulate Youssef, Ramazan and Jeff’s selection and congratulate them on a job well done in 2017 that earned them a spot at the nationals.

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